Friday, July 1, 2011

Backpacks Have Arrived!

Thirty-One backpacks have arrived just in time for Back to School! As a part of the July customer special, you will get 31% off select *new* Fall products!!!

*Zip-Up Pencil Pouch
*Upperclassman Backpack
*Keep It Cool Backpack
*Thermal Tote
*Lunch To Go Thermal

All of these products come in *new* Fall prints, too! Contact me today to place your order....or, you can order directly online at

Happy Shopping!!! Back to School is right around the corner! :)

Want to host a Thirty-One Party? Well, it's time to earn *after party bucks!* This means FREE products NOW and LATER!!!

The possibilities are endless. Contact me today to schedule your Thirty-One party! It's fun and easy...and the best part is that you get to celebrate YOU by earning FREE products! :)

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  1. Crystal, where did you go to make that flyer? I am trying to make one for a fundraiser Im going to do and I sont know where to start!

  2. Do u have any backpacks available?

  3. Do you have any backpacks for sale still?